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Proper knowledge of how to defend yourself is empowering for both men and women of all ages. Beyond the obvious benefits of improvements to your physique, mood, and energy, the study of Muay Thai also helps to increase one’s self-confidence, peace of mind, and helps to develop the discipline that keeps you young, healthy and strong.
​Thai Boxing also provides a training regime that’s sustainable for the long term; it’s an engaging, full-body workout with mobility, strength, and cardio built-in, and has the social element to it. This is why Muay Thai regarded as one of the best forms of training in the world.
Beginners learn the foundations properly from the start: technique, principles and fight concepts in detail. No matter what your goal; weight loss, shaping up, learning a new skill- you get them all regardless! As you progress we layer more advanced skills and drills. With the right foundation, everything will fit into place. If it’s your first time, we recommend our private beginners course to build a solid base from the start.
Intermediates have the option to step up a level and spar and clinch. In between the transition, is a series of select drills that progressively build you up to sparring one skill set at a time. For advanced students or fighters, we provide close support and management prioritizing the fighter’s interests first and foremost.
8Tribes’ roots come from the Sityodtong school of Muay thai. Ronnie Najjar learned his craft in Australia and Thailand. He was fortunate to train formally under Kru Jeab, a direct trainer and fighter from Kru Yodtong- dubbed “the most influential coach in Muay Thai history”. Kru Jeab was the most significant trainer in Ronnie’s life and much of what he teaches today is credited to the master himself.
3 x Kickboxing World Champion Ian “Powerhouse” Jacobs was another one of Ronnie’s important coaches, where he learned how to compliment the best of kickboxing with Traditional Muay Thai.
Ronnie had the opportunity to study from the best in the world at their respective disciplines. This exposure of various styles, principles and methods formed Ronnie’s knowledge and teaching style today. 8Tribe combines the best in both words in striking.
Ronnie Najjar is a former professional fighter and trainer from Australia with over 25 years experience in combat sports. Ronnie trained under Master Jeab from the legendary Sityodtong Camp in Thailand.
In his active fight career (1999- 2009), Ronnie fought many of Australia’s best, and was ranked no.3 by The World Muay Thai Council. As well as Muay Thai, Ronnie also ventured into Professional Boxing and Kickboxing having 22 pro fights. He has trained and taught in many countries including Thailand, Australia, Spain, Ireland and the U.S.
In 2015, Ronnie moved to the U.S. and established 8Tribe Muay Thai. His students have included martial artists, champion fighters, CEO’s, professional athletes, and celebrities.



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